دانسیته نفت

دانسیته نفت در شرایط سطحی که معمولا در واحد درجه °API بیان می شود.


API = 141.5/γo-131.5


γo is the specific gravity of oil (relative to water = 1, measured at STP).

The downhole density of oil (at reservoir conditions) can be calculated from the surface density equation using:

ρorc * Bo = ρo + Rs * ρg


ρorc : is oil density at reservoir conditions (kg/m3)

Bo : is the oil formation volume factor (rm3/stm3)

ρo : is oil density at standard conditions (kg/m3)

Rs : is the solution gas : oil ratio (sm3/stm3)

ρg : is gas density at standard conditions (kg/m3)