نفت و گاز درجا

رابطه نفت و گاز درجا

STOIIP is a term which normalises volumes of oil contained under high pressure and temperature in the subsurface conditions.

GIIP is the equivilant expression for gas initially in place.

GRV is the Gross Rock Volume of the hydrocarbon-bearing interval and is the priduct of the area (A) containing hydrocarbons and interval thickness (H).

STOIIP = GRV * (N/V) * Φ * So * (1/Bo) [stb]

GIIP = GRV * (N/V) * Φ * Sg * (1/Bg) [stb]

GRV = A * H

Ultimate recovery = HCIIP * Recovery Factor [stb] or [scf]

Reserves = Ultimate Recovery - Cumulative Production [stb] or [scf]