دیکشنری تخصصی مهندسی نفت - نسخه آنلاین

بزرگترین دیکشنری مهندسی نفت با بیش از 20 هزار کلمه ، مصور و با قابلیت تلفظ

نمایش نتیجه 1 تا 10 از 11 نتیجه یافت شده برای M1:
n: a form of carbon characterised by a high absorptive and adsorptive capacity for gases, vapours, aIM1 colloidal solids.

n: a European tem1 for gauging tape.

n: a naturally occurring crystalline fom1 of calcium sulphate in which each molecule of calcium sulphate is combined with two molecules of water. See anhydrite. calcium sulphate.

n: a naturally occuring crystalline form of hydrous calcium sulfate.
گچ سنگ

n: a device used to detem1ine direction and angle at which a wellbore is drifting off the vertical. Unlike magnetic surveying instruments, a gyroscopic instrument reads true direction and is not affected by magnetic irregularities that may be caused by casing or other ferrous metals. See directional drilling, directional survey.

n: a kind of inclinometer used to measure the angle of inclination ,angle of orientation using the orientation-keeping ability of the top

n: the methyl orange alkalinity of the filtrate, reported as the number of millimetres of 0.02 normal (N/50) acid required per millimetre of filtrate to reach the methyl orange end point (pH 4.3). M1 is a measure of the alkalinity of the drilling fluid. Usually, drilling fluids should have a high pH value (alkalinity) to ensure that they perform as they should.

n: see M1.

abbr: megajoule. m1 abbr: millilitre.

megajoule. 1,000,000 joules.

n: a device that pem1its cement to be displaced in stages at two or more points above the bottom of the string. Instead of all the cement being pumped out the bottom, a stage tool allows some of the cement to be pumped out at several points above the bottom. Used in cases in which a long column of cement might cause formation breakdown if the cement were displaced from the bottom of the string.

n: natural gas supplies committed to a purchaser under tem1s such as drainage protection or reservoir protection clauses, or odler provisions that place limitations on the purchasers ability not to take natural gas from the supplier.

n: a directional survey that uses measurement-while-drilling techniques to detem1ine drift angle and azimuth.


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