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نمایش نتیجه 1 تا 7 از 7 نتیجه یافت شده برای equivalent circulating density:
a phenomenon in which fluids are lost to the rock during over-pressured operations, such as found in increased pressures from equivalent circulating density operations, and then flow back when pressure is reduced. This may be confused with a kick.

n: see equivalent circulating density.

abbr: equivalent circulating density. ecology n: science of the relationships between organisms and their environment.

equivalent circulating density.

n: (ECD) the increase in bottomhole pressure expressed as an increase in pressure that occurs only when mud is being circulated. Because of friction in the annulus as the mud is pumped, bottomhole pressure is slightly, but significantly, higher than when the mud is not being pumped. ECD is calculated by dividing the annular pressure loss by 0.052, dividing that by true vertical depth, and adding the result to the mud weight Also called circulating density, mudweight equivalent

n: The effective drilling-fluid weight at any point in the annulus of the well bore during fluid circulation.ECD includes drilling-fluid density, cuttings in the annulus, and annular pressure loss.

the effective fluid density that the formation sees when the friction pressure on the fluids returning to surface is added to the fluid density.

n: refer toequivalent circulating density

n: see equivalent circulating density.

n: The slight gas of wellbore come from layer when trip in .

gas that enters the wellbore during a trip of the drilling string. May be due to swabbing and/or lowering the mud equivalent circulating density during pump shutdowns.
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