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نمایش نتیجه 1 تا 10 از 648 نتیجه یافت شده برای pump:
a perforating process involving pumping a slurry of liquid and size particles through a nozzle to cut through steel and rock.

n: Acceleration head is the pressure required to overcome ineraia effect and accelerate fluid as pump suction demands.

n: The instant acceleration of the liquid flowing in the pump and pipe.

the initial nitrogen charge on a BOP accumulator that is placed before the fluid is pumped in to charge the accumulator.

v: to treat oil-bearing limestone or other formations with acid for the purpose of increasing production. Hydrochloric or other acid is injected into the formation under pressure. The acid etches the rock, enlarging the pore spaces and passages through which the reservoir fluids flow. Acid also removes formation damage by dissolving material plugging the rock surrounding the wellbore. The acid is held under pressure for a period of time and then pumped out, after which the well is swabbed and put back into production. Chemical inhibitors combined with the acid prevent corrosion of the pipe. acid recovery plant n: plant for therecovery of sulfuric acid from acid sludge.

n: Actual mean value of rate of throughput through the pump.

n: The gas-holder tank connected with discharge line of reciprocal pump. It is a air cushion aerated by compressive air, used to absorb or decrease fluctuation of pressure and delivery capacity disproportion when reciprocal pump works.

a surface piston driven pumping unit, similar to a beam lift unit.
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n: a beam pumping unit on which the counterbalancing is done by means of an air cylinder.

n: a device that secures, or fastens, equipment. In producing wells with sucker rod pumps, a gas anchor is a special section of perforated pipe installed below the pump. It provides a space for gas to break out of the oil. In offshore drilling, floating drilling vessels are often secured over drill sites by large anchors like those used on ships. For pipelines, a device that secures pipe in a ditch.

n: Means of holding the deadline to the derrick or substructure. Usually this is the primary element of the weight indicator

a device with slips that holds equipment in the wellbore.
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