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بزرگترین دیکشنری مهندسی نفت با بیش از 20 هزار کلمه ، مصور و با قابلیت تلفظ

نمایش نتیجه 1 تا 8 از 8 نتیجه یافت شده برای rasp:
a mechanical device used for holding or locking where segmented keys or fingers are pushed into a recess to hold, anchor or grasp the tool.

n: a mechanism that is fitted into an overshot to grasp and retrieve fish from the borehole. The interior of a grapple is wickered to engage the fish. See basket grapple. spiral grapple.

n: the part of a catching tool (such as overshot or spear) that engages the fish.

a spring like device, resembling a interlocking finger puzzle that allows a round work piece to slide through the ID when in compression, but grips the work piece (or fish) when a tension load is applied. Common in overshot fishing devices.
چنگک مانده گیر

n: a fishing tool that is attached to tubing or drill pipe and lowered over the outside wall of pipe or sucker rods lost or stuck in the wellbore. A friction de- vice in the overshot, usually either a basket or a spiral grapple, firmly grips the pipe, allowing the fish to be pulled from the hole.

n: a fishing tool that is attached to the drill pipe and is lowered over the fish and engages externally. An overshot can also be used to recover a wireline survey tool (single shot).

a fishing tool designed to slip over the fish and grasp the outside.
چنگ فنری - رو بند جداره

n: I. a circular device with a frictional gripping arrangement used to suspend casing and tubing in a well. 2. a device used to support a pipeline.

n: the cyclinder tool that is frictional grasp appratus. It uses to hang the casing or oil tube.
لوله آویز

n: crotch that the roughneck uses to grasp the drilling volume when triping.
قلاب لوله

n: a mill used in fishing operations, before running the fishing tool, to reduce the size of the box or collar on the lost tool.

n: a kind of milling tool used to decorate the top of junks before the junks being fished

a wireline-run, round, rough file like device useful for scraping hard deposits on tubing walls.
سوهان مانده ساب

n: a wire-line device normally mounted near the monkey-board to afford the derrick-hand a means of quick exit to the surface in case of emergency. It is usually affixed to a wire-line, one end of which is attached to the derrick or mast and the other end to the surface. To exit by the safety slide, the derrick-hand grasps a handle on it and rides it down to the ground. Also called a geronimo.

n: A kind of safty equipment ,which be setted near the safty platform,the derrick man can slide to groud along it when unexpected thing happened .

the line from the derrickman’s platform to the ground, used in an emergency. Also called a Geronimo line.

n: in crane operations, a small wire rope attached to the bottom of a load suspended by the crane, which, when grasped by a crew member, allows the crew member to prevent rotation of the load.

a small rope attached to a load being lifted by a crane that allows a person on the ground to help guide or place the load.

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