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a perforating process involving pumping a slurry of liquid and size particles through a nozzle to cut through steel and rock.

n: a bottle-shaped steel cylinder located in a blowout preventer control unit to store nitrogen and hydraulic fluid under pressure (usually at 3,(XK)pounds per square inch). The fluid is used to actuate the blowout preventer stack.

n: a method of joining steel components in which acetylene gas and oxygen are mixed in a torch to attain the high temperatures necessary for welding. As an early type of welding (it was also called oxyacetylene welding),its primary disadvantage was the seepage of molten weld material onto the interior surface of the pipe, often leading to corrosion problems.

abbr: aluminum cable steel- reinforced conductor.

n: The drill pipe made by alloy of titanium and aluminium. It is lighter than the isometric drill pipe made by steel. It improves the drilling depth of rig, has good fatigue resistence and can absorb shake when connected above the drill collar.

n: an alloy of copper and aluminum that may also include iron, manganese, nickel, or zinc. aluminum cable steel-reinforced

n: The angle formed by two aspects of chisel teeth
of cone bit.

فولاد نبشی

a steep sided gulley in arid areas that carries runoff, usually at high velocities, for very short times after a rain.

a steel with a microstructure consisting of austentite at room temperature.


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