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نمایش نتیجه 1 تا 10 از 214 نتیجه یافت شده برای trip:
n: The operation of a round pulling out the hole and running due to bit change or other reasons.

n: a sub run below a dual or triple packer to permit the correct space-out. See space-out.

remediation technique to strip volitile contaminants from contaminated ground water after a spill. Works to oxidize components and to activate bacteria that can digest hydrocarbons.

n: a continuous operation liquid process for removing acid gas from natural gas by using chemical absorption with subsequent heat addition to strip the acid gas components from the absorbent solution.

n pi: a device, operated by air or hydraulic fluid, that fits into the opening in the rotary table when the drill stem must be suspended in the wellbore (as when a connection or trip is being made). Automatic slips, also called power slips, eliminate the need for roughnecks to set and take out slips manually. See slips.

n: A tool operated by pneumatics or hydraulic pressure.Used for chafing the drill stem when pipe connection or tripping.

a weld technique on diagonal cut strips of steel, superior to the butt weld process for joining flat strips of metal together before rolling into coiled tubing.

دماسنج دوفلزی

n: (slang, obsolete) the work station of an inexperienced rotary helper, on the opposite side of the rotary from the rotary helper who sets pipe back on the rig floor during trips.

سه پایه حفاری

n: a complete trip from the bottom of the wellbore to the top.

n: The process that the drilling fluid returns to the well head from the bottom hole.

circulating the bottom hole fluid to the top of the well.
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