دکل حفاری

مجموعه ماشین حفاری و دستگاه هایی که به منظور حفاری و استخراج نفت به سطح زمین استفاده می شود.

drilling rig
All the drilling machinery and devices that are used to excavate and extract oil from the ground. drilling rig
mud injection hose
Flexible hose that introduces the drilling mud into the swivel.
Geologic stratum that results from the convex folding of rock formations;large pools of oil often accumulate in it.
impervious rock
Layer of impermeable rock that covers and protects the oil deposit;it prevents hydrocarbons from migrating into other rocks.
Flammable, relatively viscous oily liquid that is used as an energy source;it is made up of various hydrocarbons resulting from the decomposition of plant life over millions of year.
Mixture of gaseous hydrocarbons (mainly methane) that are found in underground deposits, which sometimes also contain crude oil;it is used mainly as a fuel.
Device converting the combustion of fuel and air into mechanical energy.
Metal infrastructure that supports the derrick, engines and auxiliary equipment.
vibrating mudscreen
Perforated vibrating tray that is used to filter mud as it exits the well to remove debris and recycle the mud.
lifting hook
Steel part that is attached to the traveling block;it is used to support the swivel and the drill pipes.
Metal structure erected over an oil well;tools for drilling through rock are raised and lowered through it.
crown block
Mechanical device that is mounted on top of the derrick;it has several pulleys and, with the traveling block, it supports the drill pipes.
mud pump
Device that circulates the mud in the drilling rig.
mud pit
Basin that contains mud (a mixture of water, clay and chemical products) used mainly to cool and lubricate the bit and to remove debris.
drilling drawworks
Device that consists of a cylinder on which hoisting cables are wound;it is used to lower the drill pipes and bit into the well and to lift them out.
Piece attached to the lifting hook and the kelly;it is used to introduce mud into the drill pipe to cool and lubricate the bit.
traveling block
Movable mechanical device with pulleys;it is attached by cable to the crown block and fitted with a lifting hook.
drill pipe
Hollow steel rods that are joined together according to the depth of the excavation;their rotation activates the bit.
drill collar
Heavy steel tube immediately above the bit that applies a certain weight to the bit to help it cut into the rock.
Rotating drill bit with toothed steel or diamond wheels;it bores into rock to break it up and drill a hole.
rotary system
Drilling device in which a kelly is attached to a rotary table;with the help of powerful motors, it transmits the rotative movement to the kellys.
rotary table
Circular table that is moved by powerful motors;it transmits its rotative movement to the drill pipes by means of the kelly.
Special square rod that is screwed to the top of the drill pipes and driven by the rotary table.