اکتشاف فراساحلی

لرزه حاصل از مواد منفجره برای پیدا کردن مکان تجمع ذخایر استفاده می شود. اکتشاف فراساحلی بسیار سخت تر از اکتشاف در زمین است.

surface prospecting
offshore prospectingclick to hear Vibrations from an exploding charge in the sea are used to locate oil deposits;prospecting offshore is more difficult than on land.
petroleum trap
Assemblage of porous rocks that contain recoverable oil reserves, which are produced from marine or land deposits.
blasting charge
Quantity of explosives (substances capable of discharging high-temperature gases over a very short time period) that produce shock waves when detonated.
seismographic recording
A recording made using an apparatus called a seismograph;the analysis of its shock wave echoes detects the presence of rock layers that might contain pockets of petroleum or gas.
shock wave
The shock wave spreads and sends back an echo, which varies with the density and depth of the layers of subsoil;with this information, the composition of the subsoil can be determined.