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کلمه coiled tubing یافت شد:
n: a continuous string of flexible steel tubing, often hundreds or thousands of feet long, that is wound onto a reel, often dozens of feet in diameter. The reel is an integral part of the coiled tubing unit, which consists of several devices that ensure the tubing can be safely and efficiently inserted into the well from the surface. Because tubing can be lowered into a well without having to make up joints of tubing, running coiled tubing into the well is faster and less expensive than running conventional tubing. Rapid advances in the use of coiled tubing make it a popular way in which to run tubing into and out of a well. Also called reeled tubing.

n: (1)A long, continuous length of pipe wound on a spool. The pipe is straightened prior to pushing into a wellbore, and is recoiled to spool the pipe back onto the transport and storage spool. (2)A generic term relating to the use of a coiled tubing techniq

a continuous reeled tube from 1” diameter to >3.5” diameter. The tubing is injected into a well via a coiled tubing unit (CTU) and can be used to unload wells with liquid, foams or gasses, logging, fracturing, etc.

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