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کلمه conglomerate یافت شد:
n: a sedimentary rock composed of pebbles of various sizes held together by a cementing material such as clay. Conglomerates are similar to sandstone but are composed mostly of grains more than 2 millimetres (0.08 inch) in diameter. Most conglomerates are found in discontinuous, thin, isolated layers;they are not very abundant. In common usage, the term conglomerate" is restricted to coarse sedimentary rock with rounded grains;conglomerates made up of sharp, angular fragments are called breccia.

poorly sorted collection of sediments, generally formed in a very high energy environment. Similar to sandstones but have much larger grains (pebbles grade 4 to 64 mm). The space between the grains may be partly or completely filled with sand grains.
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