دیکشنری تخصصی مهندسی نفت - نسخه آنلاین

بزرگترین دیکشنری مهندسی نفت با بیش از 20 هزار کلمه ، مصور و با قابلیت تلفظ

کلمه gas یافت شد:
n: a compressible fluid that completely fills any container in which it is confined. Technically, a gas will not condense when it is compressed and cooled, because a gas can exist only above the critical temperature for its particular composition. Below the critical temperature, this form of matter is known as a vapour, because liquid can exist and condensation can occur. Sometimes the terms gas" and "vapour" are used interchangeably. The latter, however, should be used for those streams in which condensation can occur and that originate from, or are in equilibrium with, a liquid phase.

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