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نمایش نتیجه 1 تا 8 از 8 نتیجه یافت شده برای pH value:
n: the quality of being acid. Relative acid strength of a liquid is measured by pH. A liquid with a pH below 7 is acid. See pH.

n: The relative acid strength of liquids as measured by pH. A pH value below 7. See pH.

n: the pressure exerted by a specific number of molecules contained in a specific volume (usually I cubic foot) at a specific temperature. Base pressure is a factor used in calculating gas volume. Standard base pressure varies from state to state. In Texas, for example, base pressure is 14.73 psia at 6().F. In Louisiana, base pressure is 15.025 psia at 6()ᄚF. base price II: the value of natural gas, usually at the wellhead, before any imposition of taxes, gathering, compression, or other charges, as stated in a gas sales contract. basicity II: pH value above 7 and the ability to neutralise or accept protons from .:ids.

n: the active ingredient of slaked (hydrated) lime, and the main constituent in cement (when wet). Referred to as lime" in field terminology. Its symbol is Ca(OH)2

n: Ca(OH)2, white powder. The pH value of its saturated solution is 12.4. Usually used for depressant of inorganic salt, calcium mud and clearing excessive carbanion in drill fluid.

Ca(OH)2, slaked lime.
هیدروکسید کلسیم

n: A kind of method measuring pH value of drilling fluid or filtrate.

n: the physical and chemical characters of the drilling fluid including density, viscosity,shear force,filter loss,sediment charge,PH value and so on

n: a device which is made up of glass electrode、contrast electrode、amplifying potential meter and reading indicator is used to measure
PH value of drill fluid。

n: the methyl orange alkalinity of the filtrate, reported as the number of millimetres of 0.02 normal (N/50) acid required per millimetre of filtrate to reach the methyl orange end point (pH 4.3). M1 is a measure of the alkalinity of the drilling fluid. Usually, drilling fluids should have a high pH value (alkalinity) to ensure that they perform as they should.

n: a unit of measure of the acid or alkaline condition of a substance. A neutral solution (such as pure water) has a pH of 7;acid solutions are less than 7;basic, or alkaline, solutions are more than 7. The pH scale is a logarithmic scale. A substance with a pH of 4 is more than twice as acid as a substance with a pH of 5. Similarly, a substance with a pH of 9 is more than twice as alkaline as a substance with a pH of 8.

n: a parameter used to measure the acidity or alkalinity of a substance.

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