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Bolt tensioner

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ABOUT kacharabzar

Kacharabzar Company is the first manufacturer in Iran to produce products such as: high pressure pump, Bolt Tensioner, two and three with automatic blood pressure and type of jokes, jokes including: Semi-book, safety nut jack, automatic return jack, one-way jack or open center piston, all types of hydraulic cracking wrenches in accordance with world standards and with a competitive edge with European manufacturers and manufacturers. Sound barrier on the way Of service to the industry and prevent the import of this Abzarkara in industries such as petroleum, petrochemical, power, construction, cement, steel, etc. is removed. These products have proven their superiority over similar products and well-known brands with the technical capability and advantages, and have achieved the quality hub certification from the calibration testing authorities.READ MORE


 Advantages of the Kentucky Tools Towel Belt:

Variety in sockets to increase efficiency and reduce costs Ease of use and saving time Provide nut pods to the number of sockets of each model as gifts Anti-wear and corrosion coating

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