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Reservoir drive mechanism

۰ ۵۳۹ ۰ ۱۳۹۵/۱۱/۰۲ ۰۱:۲۳
Reservoir drive mechanism

of energy for driving the fluids out through Asource Is the wellbore

recovery Primary

Primary production of oil and gas recovery from Areservoir refer to the process without use of any injection fluid such as to supplement the natural energy of the reservoir

 Primary recovery mechanism

for oil recovery There are six driving mechanisms
drive mechanism Reservoir

Rock and fluid expansion drive mechanism

Reservoir drive mechanism

 as the mechanism Wherein the displacement of oil Can Difined be from the formation to the 
production wells is Accomplished by rock and fluid expansion

Characteristics of rock and fluid expansion drive mechanism

Very rapid decline in pressure 

  Constant gas oil ratio at the bubble point pressure that is equal the gas solubility

Nil water production

factor is less than 5% recovery Ultimate

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