دیکشنری تخصصی مهندسی نفت - نسخه آنلاین

بزرگترین دیکشنری مهندسی نفت با بیش از 20 هزار کلمه ، مصور و با قابلیت تلفظ

کلمه coke یافت شد:
n: 1. a solid cellular residue produced from the dry distillation of certain carbonceous materials that contains carbon as its principal constituent 2. a residue of heavier hydrocarbons formed by thermal cracking and distillation and deposited in the reservoir during in situ combustion. This residue catches fire and becomes the fuel for continued combustion.

a generally insoluble hydrocarbon that has been oxidized to the point of a solid, often hard mass.

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