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cylinder hydraulic

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hydraulic cylinder

hydraulic cylinder

Kacharabzar Company is proud to be able to design and manufacture hydraulic cylinder hydraulic jack or in the field of hydraulic industry, as well as to produce various types of industrial hydraulic tools. Kacharabzar's facilities include engineering design center as well as workshop facilities including machining, welding, manufacturing and assembly equipment, as well as quality control equipment, testing and testing.

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Application of hydraulic cylinder
For many years, hydraulic power has been used to make it easier to lift and move agricultural machinery. Utilizing this power has been used to control and how to sit on the tractor in the upgraded machines. They have different types of benefits;All examples of hydraulic cylinder are more widely used, which are often used in passenger cars today, and are still an essential part of heavy vehicles.
Hydraulic jacks are especially useful in mining and road construction machinery, lifts, dump trucks, cranes, forklifts, etc.. For many important reasons. Hydraulic jacks are very important and widely used in industry, which are summarized as follows:

Raising and moving heavy machinery, cranes, refineries, underground excavations, architecture and tower construction, all vehicles and ...

There is a great variety and also a wide range in the use of these cylinders, which has led to the production of hydraulic cylinders among thousands of different models and types, with different lengths and diameters, as well as different designs. The following figure is an example of using a hydraulic cylinder.

hydraulic cylinder


Hydraulic cylinder can be divided into two categories:
1- One-way hydraulic cylinder (one-way)
2- Two-way hydraulic cylinder (two-way)
The one-way hydraulic cylinders are pressurized on one side while the opposite side is connected to the fluid tank. These types of cylinders apply force only in one direction and return spontaneously by removing the fluid pressure from them. Their return motion is usually caused by an internal spring or by the force of the weight.
Double-acting hydraulic jacks are most commonly used in hydraulic systems. In this type of cylinders, pressure from both sides causes force.


Hydraulic jack installation methods | Hydraulic cylinder:
There are several ways to install cylinders. The ends of the rods are usually threaded and can therefore be attached directly to the weight of a hook, crown or other piece. These connections can turn a linear motion into a oscillating or rotating motion.

cylinder hydraulic

Hydraulic cylinder model KJS

• Collar threads, plunger threads and base mounting holes enable easy fixturing (on most models)

• Designed for use in all positions

• Removable strap handles for unobstructed fixturing (KJS-5013, KJS-7513 and both 95 ton models)

• High strength alloy steel for durability

• Nickel plating available on most models (contact KACHAR for details)

• Heavy duty return springs

• Baked enamel finish for increased corrosion resistance

• KJS-400 coupler and dust cap included on all models

• Plunger wiper reduces contamination, extending cylinder lif

 KJS cylinder mounting attachments greatly extend the application possibilities (available for 5, 10,15 and 25 ton cylinders).


cylinder hydraulic

Hydraulic cylinder model KJCL

• Single-acting, load return 

• Safety Lock Nut for mechanical load holding 

• Special synthetic coating for improved corrosion resistance and lower friction for smoother operation 

• Withstands sideload forces up to 5% of rated cylinder capacity without scoring 

• Overflow port functions as a stroke limiter 

• Interchangeable, hardened grooved saddles are standard 

• Plunger wiper reduces contamination, extending cylinder lif



cylinder hydraulic

Hydraulic cylinder model KJSS ,KJSM

• Lightweight, low profile design for use in confined spaces 

• Baked enamel finish for increased corrosion resistance 

• Plunger wiper reduces contamination, extending cylinder life 

• CR-400 coupler and dust cap included on all models 

• Grooved plunger end with threaded holes for mounting tilt saddles 

• Integral handle on KJSS-1002 for easy carrying 

• Hard chrome plated steel plunger

cylinder hydraulic

Hydraulic cylinder model KJSH

 The KJSH single acting hollow piston cylinder range is extremely versatile for use in tooling, maintenance and tensioning applications. Specifically designed with a hollow piston to enable a rod or cable to be passed through the entire cylinder length for applications where a pulling force is required, the KJSH range is used extensively in post-tensioning and pre-stressing applications as well as testing of various bonded or mechanical anchoring systems. KJSH cylinders can also be used for general lifting applications, when fitted with readily available interchangeable hardened steel piston rod saddles.

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